Nature+ is a response to enable scaling impact investment. We combine the best of science-based soil regeneration with the most advanced Web 3.0 technology available today.


We want to enable people and organizations to operate in a Nature+ manner.
We believe providing accessible, data driven transparent information, an impact and incentives driven ecosystem, and obsessing with stakeholder success will take us there.

Yes, it is an interdisciplinary effort not everyone can pull off. Combining top expertise in sustainable practices, soil regeneration, data structure, measuring, life cycle assessment, Web 3.0 and blockchain.

The result?

A straightforward investment model where committed investors willing to change the game can boost impact projects, create real and measurable impact, and get an attractive return.

We are pioneering a dual yield business model with multiple revenue streams to maximize impact and profit. Financial rewards positively correlate to environmental impact.

3 — 1Earn money while
saving the planet


01 — We are pioneering a dual yield business model with multiple revenue streams to maximize impact and profit. Financial rewards positively correlate to environmental impact

02 — Stablecoins (NUSD) backed by the natural capital are deploying in DEFI & liquidity protocols to further

The sustainability of the ecosystem is accelerated as part of the returns will be used to buy back Nature Token to distribute yields to HODLers. Part of the profit is used to invest in additional green assets and mint more NUSD. generate yields

3 — 2So, what makes us unique and different from other impact initiatives?

Us - What makes us unique

Measurements and data structure.


Data is transformed into insight for our investors and corporate partners. It is an asset they can use to connect with ESG or other business goals


We have developed a real deep-tech structure that gives us the ability to measure, turn measurements into data, and make information available on the blockchain.

Us - What makes us unique

3 — 3Our Solution

A combined approach of Token and Nature+ Projects to help people, nature and the planet
Impact in revenue and growth for investors and impact in regenerative metrics for people and the planet
Institutional Relationships at the highest level
Committed landowners and associations for profitable projects

3 — 4Framework

Nature+ provides a blockchain-based financial infrastructure and marketplace that enables companies and private investors to invest directly in regenerative activities.
We combine the Assets from Low-Carbon footprint Blockchain technology with an ambitious restoration Goal.
We use Reality Gaming Group eNFT as a foundation for our Blockchain Technology to enable investors follow results through a designated digital eNFT.

3 — 4Nature+ Team

Our experience, exposure, and competencies combined

mitigate all product and market risks and will lead this
initiative to scaling and beyond.

Sinnet Bødewadt

Co-founder, CEO,
Head of Asset Selection

Over 20 years of experience within the environmental – business field. CSR execution, LEAN manager, and consultancy in the private and public sector.

Peter Mikkelsen

Co-founder, DeFi Lead

Crypto and blockchain pioneer. Founder of the Nordic Blockchain Association. COO of AISecureMe, an AI-Powered Cyber Security Advisory firm. Board Member at Completion, specializing in metaverse transformative art.

Mauricio Garza

Co-founder, Business Lead

20 years of experience in sales, business development, sales management, and commercial excellence with a people-first approach. Apple, Nokia, Katapult, Antler

Lisbet Hagelund

Advisor CSR Relations

20 years of green business development and circular economy experience, focused on green business development, circular economy, and waste management.

Jimmy Steinbeck

Community Advisor

10+ years of experience in blockchain and DeFi infrastructure. Advisor in several businesses with a focus on web3, PAAS, DeFi, payment and DAO structure. Co-founder of Penning A/S, STAKEM and Snode.

Security Advisor

20+ years combining advanced digital tech, cyber security and strategic management/consulting. Certified blockchain Security Expert, Web App Security Specialist and SOC Management Expert. President at IT Nordic Association.

Vegard Lauritsen

Investor Relations Manager

Finance expert delivering advisory services for blockchain projects, and web3 development solutions. Experience and passion for financial investments, blockchain, cryptocurrencies (DeFi), and NFTs since 2017. Investor relations manager and CFO of Fasttrack.

Anush Hayrapetyan

Project Manager

13+ years experience in project management. International Relations graduate with international exposure at UN and OSCE. Experience managing IT projects with FastTrack and other IT companies.

Adam Manka

Community Advisor

Director at Blockchain Center, 
Co-Founded ForkedBlock. Expert in community management and growth hacking.

Hakob Arshakyan


Experience in developing Smart Contracts and Oracles and is an experienced user of Solidity.

Iskra Talevska

Content Writer,
Social Media Manager

As an English language and literature graduate, Iskra is passionate about writing. She has experience in writing on a range of subjects from different areas, and is always guided by her vision to create the best written content possible- from engaging articles to creative social media posts.

3 — 6Careers

Our plans are both ambitious and purposeful, and we believe our success will be a reflection of the development of our people. Does your talent and passion resonate with us?

3 — 7Take a look at
our projects


Nature+ identifies projects with multiple positive, climate, environmental and social benefits.