A smart investment
option to create real impact

Farmers & Asset Holders
Possible Partners

2 — 1Investors

Our investors are extraordinary. We praise them! By partnering we simply help them realize their vision: produce abundance and preserve the conditions of our beloved planet earth. They know how KEY their role is, and they know things won’t move as fast without them. We generate data for them, and our projects generate the yield they well deserve. 

If these are consistent with your strategy and vision, we’d love to help you qualify this opportunity.

Finacial rewards positively correlate with environmental impact


2 — 2Natural Asset Holders


2 — 3Partners

Success in our mission entails creating and nurturing an ecosystem, a community with rich exchange of experiences, value and impact creation.

A true partnership is simple: jumping into each other’s vision and the will to creating big strategic value in every direction.
If your work and passion crosses some of the following headlines, we should be talking very soon.

Satellite imagery
GIS Data Processing
Institutional Relationships at the highest level
Committed landowners and associations for profitable projects
Relevant Industry contacts for token sell: Aviation, Food production
Science & Academia

Check the types of projects we engage in

2 — 4Phase 1
Fund Raising NPLUS

Initial formation cost per token is set to $0,10, which means you will receive 10.000 NATURE upon minting, for each $1000 invested.

The formation cost will gradually increase through the three initial phases.

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