About Nature+

About Nature+

Nature+ provides a blockchain-based financial infrastructure and marketplace that enables companies and private investors to invest directly in regenerative activities​

We combine the Assets from Low-Carbon footprint Blockchain technology with an ambitious restoration Goal. We use Reality Gaming Group eNFT as a foundation for our Blockchain Technology to enable investors in a transparent way to follow results through a designated digital eNFT.

Moreover, our solutions are consistent with the SDG UN goals.

Our Values


Our business model is based on trust. Visibility and transparency are embedded in our solutions.


We believe in applying the highest standards when designing, creating, producing. That helps us maximize the value and impact of our solutions.


As a company dealing with data, the technology we use, and the frameworks and methods we designed aim to provide the highest accuracy.



We take ownership in what we do, we are approachable, open and feel at ease in a collaboration environment.

The Big Context


Ultimately we are aware of the enormous need to revert climate, nature and the social conditions we live at present.


The deficit in impact investment, the huge CO2 emission surplus combined with the loss of earth’s CO2 storage capacity, and the loss of biodiversity, are truly compromising the future perspectives for people and all living species.

Nature+ is an agent of change, a part of the solution, a hub to gather expertise and resources and create impact, for the benefit of us all.